Our Business Story

Our Founder, Jason Kurima was 19 years old when he took his first phone apart. He had several issues with his iPhone 6 including the charging port, small speaker, and loud speaker. He ordered the parts and vigorously worked on it for 3 straight hours. He made sure each screw was in, closed the phone and turned it on. When it came on he immediately noticed that there were colored lines running up and down the screen. He looked and tried to figure out what was going on. He couldn’t figure it out so he took a 15 minute break, came back and just realized he didn’t push the screen cable in all the way and it was fixed!

Shortly after that Jason bought a phone with a cracked screen from a friend and flipped it for a profit. Then before he was really ready he dove in and started working on customers phones. He started his business out by meeting people at gas stations and grocery store parking lots and fixing their phones in his car and then giving it back to them and people were very happy with the service. However, eventually people started to joke that it was sketchy because after he was done they would give him a wad of cash and it almost looked like a drug deal. Therefore Kurima decided to open a store. Around that time he met his future business partner Brian Scott that also fixed phones. Brian would primarily buy broken phones, fix them, and sell them. Brian was from Carthage but he was also interested in starting a store. Initially they looked for a location in the Joplin area and spent many trips to Joplin looking. They never found anything that really stuck out to them and during that time Jason was very active in prayer for guidance on where to put the store. It just so happened that there was a small location in Monett which was affordable and in a pretty good spot. Jason toured it with his then girlfriend, now wife Haley and his soon to be partner Brian. They all liked the location and decided to sign the lease! On November 15th iPhone Restorations was officially open for business at 307 S Kyler St in Monett!

Fast forward and in less than 1 year Jason and Brian opened a store in Carthage at 422 W Fir Rd.
They plan to continue opening more stores and growing the business.
They want to always offer the best service possible, serve God, and strive to do the best they can.

They Buy, Sell, & Fix iPhone, Samsung, Apple Watches, iPads, and a few others!

There is no appointment needed and most repairs take 10-30 minutes.

307 S Kyler St 
Next to Mo Wings

422 W Fir Rd.
Across from Lowe’s


It all started when...

Our Founder & President Jason Kurima had some issues with his iPhone in 2016. He decided to order some parts and fix the phone himself. He was able to figure out how to do the repairs and decide to turn it into a business in January and now our team has fixed over 1000 phones to date. 



In September of 2017 Jason decided to partner with Brian Scott. Brian has an experience of 10 years in mobile phone repairs. 


Fun Fact! We opened our Carthage Location on Brian's birthday August 15 of 2018.


Brian (Left) Jason (Right)